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Tutors of WFS are passionate about sharing their ideas and experiences with learners. Most of our tutors have accumulated a wealth of experience working in mainstream film and television industry. The fact that most of our key tutors have functioned as: producer/ directors, Editors and Cinematographers make it possible for them share knowledge and ideas in all the stages of filmmakers. They are also better prepared to teach learners all the skill they require for a successful career in the industry.

- Naz Benamar – School Director

With an extensive background spanning 15 years within management and education, Naz has come to be an expert in terms of providing advice and careers guidance to young people looking to embark on a new career through enhancing their educational and employment opportunities.

Because of her own experience and background Naz is able to mentor young people who are disengaged within society, and get them back on track, by providing them with fantastic opportunities in the creative sector. Her amazing ability to network with organisations enables TALENT ACADEMY to create many opportunities for young people, so that they can gain valuable experience and take a step up the employment ladder.

In addition Naz is always keen to give something back to the community, and has been volunteering as a director of International Development for the last years, and is also an associate member of the European Action On Drugs Network. She has contributed as a public speaker many times on topics as diverse as education, drug awareness as well as the creative industries.

- Bal Kumar

Producer/ Director Bal Kumar has been making short films for the past ten years, developing his production skills to a professional standard. With his earliest short film work “HEARTLESS” as producer/ director in 2001 receiving a great deal of media attention and critical acclaim. ‘’HEARTLESS’’, an emotional thriller, was screened at Edinburgh Film Festival and International festivals in both Germany and France.

Following on from this, the second short film he produced and directed in 2003 was “GOOD TIME TOKEN” a romantic drama, one man’s mystery, as he tries to find out why his girlfriend left him. This project was screened in both the UK and USA at film festivals.

It was at this point that Bal began to develop ideas for feature films, and also moved onto a more ambitious production, that used both a greater number of locations, as well as a bigger cast of professional actors. The 50-minute film “SHOWTIME” focused on a club singer trying to succeed in his career. The film was screened at the UCI cinema in his hometown in Yorkshire, and has also been successfully screened at a number of film festivals in the UK.

His last short film “MOTHERS JOURNEY” in 2009 featured actor NITIN GANATRA (BRIDE AND PREJUDICE, SHIFTY) and screened at both BRADFORD BITE THE MANGO film festival as well as the as TONGUES ON FIRE Asian film festival. The film is now due for transmission on a cable network as well as being officially released through DVD in 2012. Since completing this film Bal has worked on a number of feature film projects as a production team member, that include “CUCKOO” starring RICHARD E. GRANT and “THE COTTAGE” with ANDY SERKIS and JENNIFER ELLISON. He is currently developing a number of feature film projects as a producer/ director, which will go into production in 2013.

- Rudolph Asumda

Producer/ Director Rudolph Asumda is the editor of our online magazine at TALENT ACADEMY. Rudolph worked as Associate Producer of a television variety show TGIF on Metro TV, a major television station in Accra Ghana. He then proceeded to work as Supervising Producer at Television Africa Ltd another major broadcaster in Accra. In 2006 he was given a scholarship by the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) to undertake a course in Film Production in Holland.

Rudolph is currently resident in the UK and has worked with OBE TV UK as editor. He is also Head of Media of a charity Joy House London, and currently edits ‘Joy Flow’ a programme on Sky Faith Channel 593. Apart from being a producer/ director Rudolph has experience in Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro and professional camera operation.

His focus is to develop exciting new stories for TALENT ACADEMY and also to nurture new creative talent at the academy. After having studied film production and been part of this dynamic, exciting industry, Rudolph is now able to impart his knowledge; skills and experience to those with passion and dedication wanting to enter into media based careers.

Having already achieved a great deal of success with his own work, he believes in giving something positive back to the community. He now manages the talent academy’s online magazine, writing its articles and creating its visual style and online imagery. The magazine provides a creative outlet for the dreams and aspirations of many young people in the local area.

He hopes that this will inspire young people to develop their own skills so that they can achieve their own success in the creative industries.

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