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Wembley Film School (WFS) offers an opportunity for students to experience the art of filmmaking at the heart of Brent. The fact that WFS is located near the Wembley Stadium brings learners closer to the many local, national and international events that take place at the stadium. The area also offers interesting scenery for filming. WFS is proud to be located at one of the prime sites of the Premier League; the Wembley Stadium. The Wembley Film group comprises WFS, Wembley Film Production, Talent Academy and Talent Agency. Through this group of companies, students of WFS get an overall feel of Pre-production, Pre-Production and Post-Production.

Approach to Filmmaking

Students of WFS are taken through the various stages of Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Learners are therefore encouraged to write, produce, direct and edit their own films. The aim is to build confidence in learners and also to discover strengths and weaknesses so our tutors can provide the necessary guidance to make learners comfortable.

Preparing for A Career in the Industry

Our experienced tutors give off their best and prepare learners to make films that meet the average professional requirements of the industry.

The Nature of Programmes We Offer

WFS has in place painstaking procedures to carefully screen and select students who are passionate, talented and determined to succeed in the film industry. We offer a variety of full-time and part-time courses, and our programmes are designed to suit individuals who are the audio-visual industry.

Recent Project

Creative Media Production 4 week course
Creative Media - Screen Writing
Creative Media - Film/ Video Editing Course