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Welcome to Talent Academy, a London based community arts organization, focused on improving the lives of young people, offering them a chance to develop their skills as artists, enabling them to gain new qualifications, and enhance their self confidence, so that they can have a better future.

Talent Academy is a top tier teaching resource specialising in entertainment and media education, supported by academic and vocational skills and qualifications.

Originating from a very successful vocational training and educational background, with an excellent reputation in turning around the lives of young disenfranchised teenagers from tough neighbourhoods, the driving force behind Talent Academy, Naz says “No one knows education like we do”. It is this "can do" attitude that has enabled many positive outcomes for those that have participated in Talent Academy so far.

We are now looking to recruit many more young people interested in learning creative and technical skills, so they can better equip themselves with new knowledge and qualifications, that will enable them to develop a career and expand their horizons in the future.

Contact us now to find out about our extensive range of courses available, so that you can take your career and aspirations to the next level.

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